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Welcome to the Community Website for
Bonny Doon, California

For events in Bonny Doon contact Morgan Rankin, publisher of the Battle Mountain News, at (831) 426- 6412.

Someone released a couple of domestic bunnies at the bottom of Bonny Doon Road just after Easter Sunday. Later, one was gone. Maybe someone picked up one, not knowing there were two bunnies left on the roadside.

We have the second bunny safe at our house. The only thing is, it isn't with his (or her) buddy. We will post a sign but want to know if anyone found a big fluffy white bunny rabbit this week. If so, we could either take it in or maybe give them the mate or friend so the two can be together. Since they were abandoned on the roadside we don't think the original owners want them back.

Joni & Drew 423-1863

Burn season started on December 1 and runs through April 30, 2011. Click on the Emergency! Call 911 menu option for mmore information.
Friday, January 28 - Suzanne Barrett's latest book is released
In Love and War
In Love and War

Irish dairy farmer, Meaghann Power, struggles to make ends meet by renting her converted castle keep to an embittered war correspondent who was wounded in Bosnia.

Quinn Lawlor has come to his ancestral homeland to heal and to be left alone.  However, pragmatic Meaghann discovers much more than just her attractive-but-surly tenant's body is in need of healing.  What begins as indifference turns to fascination, and later, desire.  But can their passion survive Meaghann's own dark secrets?

Suzanne Barrett is a 33 year Bonny Doon resident, who has retired from Corporate America and devotes her time to writing, jewelry design, gardening and teaching water aerobics at local area spas.

For autographed copies of her books, email her at sjb1441@comcast.net.

All of Suzanne's books are available via her website www.SuzanneBarrett.com.

Use the Local Authors menu option to see all of the books by our local authors, including Suzanne Barrett's other book, Late Harvest.

Bonny Doon Presbyterian Church by Ted Louv

Higher Grounds Coffee House
Thursdays, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

We envision providing a public meeting place for the Bonny Doon community to gather for coffee, tea, and home baked goods.

Come to the Kirk house at the Bonny Doon Church
7065 Bonny Doon Road at the corner of Pine Flat Road.
For information call 831-426-6858

We are working on a new quilt based on the theme of "preserving Bonny Doon".
Anyone who wants to create a panel should call Jean Meyer at 426-6908 or Shirin Schumacher at 427-3787.

Battle Mountain News - Morgan Rankin - 426-6412
Keep up with all the events in Bonny Doon with the Battle Mountain News.  Arriving the first of every month at all 1100 Bonny Doon households, this is the best way to advertise in Bonny Doon.  Ads are due by the 24th of the month for the next month's edition.  Rates as of November 2009 are: $20 for up to 10 lines.  Call the publisher, Morgan Rankin, at 426-6412, and deliver your ads to her at 222 Ice Cream Grade.
Rural Bonny Doon Association

To read The Highlander on-line, visit the RBDA website www.bonnydoon.got.net

Friends of Bonny Doon Fire - 426-3085 or 459-8853

Keep up with the latest on the formation of an independent Fire District.

Visit www.friendsofbonnydoonfire.org for the latest.
Visit www.bonnydoonfire.com for general information.