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Welcome to the Community Website for
Bonny Doon, California

Battle Mountain News - Morgan Rankin - 426-6412
Keep up with all the events in Bonny Doon with the Battle Mountain News.  Arriving the first of every month at all 1100 Bonny Doon households, this is the best way to advertise in Bonny Doon.  Ads are due by the 24th of the month for the next month's edition.  Rates as of March 2009 are: $20 for up to 12 lines; $50 for 12 lines to a half-page; and $150 for half- to full-page.  Call the publisher, Morgan Rankin, at 426-6412, and deliver your ads to her at 222 Ice Cream Grade.

Friends of Bonny Doon Fire - 426-3085 or 459-8853

Keep up with the latest on the formation of an independent Fire District.

Visit www.friendsofbonnydoonfire.org for the latest.
Visit www.bonnydoonfire.com for general information.

Saturday, March 7
1:00 pm: Bonny Doon Volunteer Fire/Rescue Board of Directors Meeting

Meet at the McDermott Station at the intersection of Empire Grade and Felton Empire Grade.

Wednesday, March 11
7:30pm: RBDA Meeting
Bonny Doon School Multi-Purpose Room

CalFire to present at the meeting

Senior CalFire staff will give a short presentation of their plans for the fire station and discuss the prospects for the upcoming fire season. Afterwards, they will be available to answer questions.

After last month's board elections, the officers for 2009 are: Miriam Beames, correspoinding secretary; Ted Benhari, treasurer; Joe Christy, chair; Marty Demare, recording secretary; Ben Harmon, membership coordinator; Tom Hearn, The Highlander editor; and Jan Hilkert, vice-chair.

To read The Highlander on-line, visit the RBDA website: www.bonnydoon.got.net

Wednesday, March 18
Next meeting April 15: The Bonny Doon Garden Club

In 2009, the Garden Club will meet from April to September, so our next meeting this year will be April 15 at 2:00 pm.

We welcome all Bonny Doon ladies and gentlemen interest in gardening, or gardens.  For more information, please call Louise Gebelein at 429-1948 or Georgia at 426-0110.

June 3, 2002 Ladies Club Meeting Thursday, March 26
1:00 pm: The Ladies of Bonny Doon

This month the meeting is at the Bosch Baha'i School on Comstock Lane.

The February meeting was a social time at the home of Georgia Randle.

The club meets the fourth Thursday of most months and is open to all ladies of Bonny Doon.  It is a social and philanthropic group founded in 1942.  For information call President Larue Wilton at 425-3558 or Vice-President Barbara Louv at 426-3652.

Bonny Doon Volunteer Fire/Rescue, Inc.
A Charitable Non-Profit Corporation
(831) 426-1561    www.bonnydoonfire.com
Telephone 911 For All Emergencies
Burn Season Begins December 1st.  Yard trimmings can be burned only on "burn days".  Telephone 1-800-CAL-BURN to hear the Monterey Bay Air Pollution Control District's daily recording declaring whether that day is a "burn day" or a "no burn day".  Their decisions are based on air pollution factors and not fire safety.  Before burning, residents should judge fire safety factors such as high winds.  Detailed regulations and fire safety information are available from the California Department of Forestry, 6059 Highway 9 in Felton, telephone 335-5353.  Some basic rules include:
  • Material being burned must have grown on the property and should be dry.
  • Burning is limited to daylight hours.
  • An adult must be in attendance.
  • Burn piles should be small and a safe distance from flammable vegetation and buildings.
  • A water source should be available.

Bosch Baha'i Conference Center, 500 Comstock Lane, 423-3387

Please see the Battle Mountain News or call for the schedule of events.

Memories of the Mountain Memories of the Mountain
The Ladies of Bonny Doon

This wonderful book is still available.  A "must have" for new and old Dooner's alike.  The Ladies of Bonny Doon Club produced this book in 2004.  Many Bonny Dooners contributed stories, pictures, and editing skills.

Order your book online at authorhouse.com or call 800-839-8640.  $20.50 plus postage.