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Just Treat Me Like I Matter, The Heart of Sales
by Diane Marie Pinkard

Heart of Sales

Just Treat Me Like I Matter is for everyone! Yes, we are all salespeople in our own delightful right! In This Book You Will Learn:

  • Power tools for success
  • Personality styles and the games people play
  • Wise techniques for dealing with difficult people
  • Simple practices for developing quality interpersonal communications and good manners
  • Step-by-step formulas for successful showroom sales
  • Winning secrets for the art of "closing the sale"
More than just learning sales, you will be given a splendid collection of recipes for simply living your life.

Diane Marie Pinkard believes that society is experiencing yet another major, social paradigm shift - that people are once again appreciating the value of caring and trusting "interpersonal relations" in both the corporate world and the marketplace. She maintains that "people still buy people," and they buy best from people who treat them like they matter.

She teaches that successful selling is not only about closing the sale, it's about building quality relationships, rich connections, and loyal trust - first with yourself, and then with your customers.

No matter what your type of selling, you will find this book to be brimming with brilliant "tools" and techniques for improving both your personal and your professional life. A natural teacher, Diane will inspire you, she will challenge you, and she will delight you. Her approach is straight-up, genuine, and full of heart.

She joyfully shares her street smarts and her delightful, heartwarming stories with the sincere intention of enlightening and educating you.

Diane maintains that we are all sales-people in our own right-that we are all continuously selling each and every day. She believes that "sales" is not only about selling products and services - it is about selling ourselves! Diane's approach will not only transform your selling, but it will transform you!

Diane Marie Boaden Pinkard earned her California State Teaching Credential and master's degree from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California. Her emphasis of study is in psychology and the social sciences. Diane's passion lies in the "Business of Human Relations." Her love for teaching and selling ultimately evolved into her own personal study about human dynamics and what makes people tick. She has launched and operated three successful businesses and has earned the reputation of being an accomplished professional in a number of sales arenas, with special expertise in high-tech retail showrooms.

She resides in the rural community of Bonny Doon, California, with her husband, Bob, and their menagerie of pets. Diane is available for speaking engagements, consultation and coaching, upon request. You can contact her at:

Bonny Doon Publishing
Po Box 1382
Felton, CA 95018
Telephones: (831) 426 2510, (866) 552 2510 (toll free)
Fax: (831) 427-1218
Email: info@heartofsales.com

"I teach the art and science of selling but what lies beneath is the heart and psychology of what selling situations are all about. Diane has written a sincere and helpful tome for those who are ready to take their selling relationships to a much deeper level."
-Tom Hopkins
Author of How to Master the Art of Selling