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Bonny Doon Community Website - Local Authors

Marjorie Gersh-Young has lived in Bonny Doon for 25 years.  For even longer than that, she has been the author of two books about both developed and natural hot springs in two volumes covering the United States, Canada and Baja California.
    Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest
    Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Northwest
These are the definitive guides and the only books printed that cover all of these areas.

With the ever increasing interest in outdoor exploration what could be more appealing than ending a hike or a walk in the woods with a soak in a natural hot spring?

For those who are not quite this adventurous, commercial establishments with natural hot mineral water offer hot tubs to soak in from the very casual to the most upscale resorts.

These well-researched guide books, liberally illustrated with photos and maps, contain a comprehensive entry of hot springs and hot pools in the United States, Canada, and Baja California.

The books are arranged by state.  The first page of each state is a map of the hot springs within the state, allowing the reader to arrange their trip, travelling from hot spring to hot spring.

The descriptions of the natural hot springs include the surroundings, types of pools, water temperature, clothing customs, nearest campground and facilities, and whether the springs are handicap accessible.  The descriptions of the commercial and hot spring establishments detail the physical establishment, water treatment, and special services offered.  GPS readings and directions are also provided.  Photographs are included of each location.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:
Email:  HotSprings@sbcglobal.net
Phone:  831-426-2956
Website: www.HotSpringsAndPools.com.

HOT Springs and HOT Pools of the NORTHWEST
HOT Springs and HOT Pools of the NORTHWEST

It's time for a steamy adventure!  The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful, remote hot springs in North America.  Located in picturesque green forests, the desert, and sparkling waterfalls, there is something in this region for anyone with a love of adventure and nature's beauty.

Open almost all year around, you never have to miss an opportunity to experience the wonder of a natural hot spring.

This book provides you with a collection of photographs, contact information, descriptions, driving, and even hiking, directions to nearly every hot spring in Alaska, Canada, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and South Dakota. It also includes information on hot springs in central, eastern, and southern states, even Puerto Rico!

HOT Springs and HOT Pools of the SOUTHWEST
HOT Springs and HOT Pools of the SOUTHWEST

Enjoy a lavish vacation the way it was intended to be, in nature!  The Southwest has varied hot spring options, from springs nestled in the desert to springs located in beautiful rocky canyons, perfect for groups or a quiet romantic getaway.

Many of these springs are not open all year long, making them a truly exclusive, magical vacation destination.

This updated book, published in April 2015, includes two dozen new hot springs, both natural and commercial, located in Arizona, Baja California, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. Each hot sprint destination has everything you need to get ready for your next adventure, including photographs, directions, and select information about nearby camping and hiking locations.