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Twenty-five year veteran of the real estate industry, Nancy Kille, writing under the name Nancy Lynn Jarvis, has completed four murder mysteries set in Santa Cruz County.  "Real estate is an interesting business," the author says.  "The stress level involved in buying or selling a home ranks right after death and divorce.  People reveal a lot about themselves during the process.  The business attracts its share of colorful practitioners, too."  Their stories and Nancy's experiences provide the settings where her realtor and part-time sleuth, Regan McHenry, works while she unravels mysteries.

Books are available from Nancy at www.GoodReadMysteries.com, through Amazon.com, in local bookstores, and by phone at (831) 427-1320.  There are also large print editions available.

Buying Murder
The Widow's Walk League
Santa Cruz husbands are being murdered. The local news media is buzzing because a dark-clad figure described by witnesses as Death has been seen lurking nearby each time a murder is committed.

When the newly-made widows start hiring real estate agent, Regan McHenry, to sell their houses, she discovers all the murdered men have something in common: their wives belong to a walking group called The Widow's Walk League.

No wonder Regan is worried when the group's leader starts paying special attention to her husband, Tom.

Buying Murder
Buying Murder
Murder gets personal when human remains are found in the beach cottage that realtors Regan McHenry and her husband, Tom Kiley, buy. The murder victim has been hidden away for sixteen years, and although the authorities quickly discover his identity, the trail to his killer is cold.

Regan has sworn off playing amateur detective, but when it becomes clear the police have to focus on more pressing crimes, she has to break her promise. As her policeman friend, Dave Everett, says, "Your house, Regan, your murder."

Welcome back to Santa Cruz, the community whose unofficial motto is "Keep Santa Cruz Weird," for the twists and turns of the third book in the Regan McHenry Mystery Series.

Backyard Bones
Backyard Bones
Santa Cruz, California real estate agent Regan McHenry, her husband Tom Kiley, and their friend, police ombudsman Dave Everett, are back in a new story of murder and invite you to come along for the twists and turns of this new mystery.

It's not the first time Regan has experienced déjà-vu.  But when the sensation involves finding a second body buried where one was found just weeks before, déjà-vu takes on new meaning.  Someone murdered a girl on her seventeenth birthday and, as Regan delves into the motive behind the girl's murder, she discovers many people are trying to hide secrets about their entanglement with the dead teenager.  Regan must figure out which of them is a murderer - and she has to do it carefully or she'll become the killer's next victim.

The Death Contingency
The Death Contingency
In this first book in a planned series, a seller turns up dead and a realtor Regan has known for years becomes a 'person of interest' in his death.  She's convinced the authorities' focus is all wrong and sets out to prove it.

Then there's a second death in the neighborhood.  When it's ruled accidental, Regan is again at odds with the police.  She thinks its murder and thinks she knows who the murderer is - but she has to prove a crime has been committed before anyone will take her seriously.  The problem is, she doesn't want to be right.

Local readers will recognize landmarks and settings in Santa Cruz, Bonny Doon, Capitola, Aptos, Boulder Creek, and La Selva Beach.  The books contain some added mystery for locals, too.  The houses used for various scenes have absent or misleading addresses, but they're real properties, and the book provides clues about their locations.  Readers who want to try some of their own sleuthing can try to guess the real addresses and contact Nancy through her website.  She'll let you know if you're right.

After earning a BA in behavioral science from San Jose State University, Nancy worked in the advertising department of the San Jose Mercury News.  A move to Santa Cruz meant a new job as a librarian and later a stint as the business manager of Shakespeare/Santa Cruz.

Nancy's work history reflects her philosophy: people should try something radically different every few years.  Writing is her newest adventure.