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Empire Tile Works
Fire Station Ceramic Mural Shanna Kuempel
Empire Tile Works (831) 426-5670

    Email: postmaster@empiretileworks.com
Website: www.empiretileworks.com
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The following is a exerpt from a brochure that is available from Shanna.

Bonny Doon's First Public Art Project
and the reproduction of it on
Art Greeting Cards

A Ceramic Tile Mural by
Shanna Kuempel
Commissioned by Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz County designates 1% of the cost of any building built with County tax dollars for a public art project at that building.  The County invites artist proposals county-wide and appoints a commission to recommend a project.  The project selected for the new Bonny Doon Fire Station at 7276 Empire Grade was a ceramic tile mural by artist Shanna Kuempel.

The Artist

Shanna is a Bonny Doon native with a B.A. in Fine Arts.  She paints in all media.  She and her husband Mark operate a local custom ceramic art tile business producing single and framed tile(s), murals, furniture, fountains, etc.  View more on their business website (above).  Shanna also began her firefighting career in Bonny Doon.

The Mural

The ceramic tile mural presents the Bonny Doon community in the form of a relief map, complete with street/road names, creeks, schools, churches, fire stations, ponds, and the ocean.  A firefighter in full turnout protective gear "watches over the community" from either side of the "map".  Her mural artistically reflects the firefighters' mission of protecting life and property - in the Bonny Doon community.  The artist/firefighter's mural is highly appropriate for the new fire station and for the public.

The mural offers a different perspective of Bonny Doon than normal; an aerial view and map.  It is accessible to public view day and night.  The map is needed and appreciated by outsiders trying to locate addresses.

Each tile in the mural is handmade.  To fully appreciate the mural and the details it should be viewed up close.  If you haven't done so yet, drive in, park, and look at it.  You'll find your street.

The Art Cards

A visitor to the Open House of the new Fire Station suggested a photo of the mural on greeting cards would be great for Bonny Dooners.  The idea was researched as a possible fundraiser to help complete the fire station.  Both Shanna and the County, which commissioned the mural and owns the copyright, granted permission to Bonny Doon Volunteer Fire to produce and sell the cards.

A photograph of the mural has been reproduced on a blank greeting card, appropriate for any occasion.  The cards come with a matching envelope and will be sold at Fire Team fundraisers as long as the supply lasts.

Proceeds from the sale of these unique cards will be used to help complete the new Fire Station.  A portion of the sales price is a tax-deductible donation.  A receipt is available.

Bonny Doon's New Fire Station 34

Bonny Doon's new (second) fire station looks complete from the outside, but it isn't.  County tax dollars bought the property, hired a contractor to construct the building with completed apparatus bays, ample water storage, a functioning emergency generator, and one functioning bathroom.  Two and sometimes three fire vehicles now respond from the new station.

When complete the station will also serve as a community disaster center.  First, the kitchen, office, meeting room, second bathroom, and upstairs area must be finished.

This important community project requires community donations and fundraisers and a lot of volunteer labor.  Donations are tax-decuctible.